Bullet Soul Infinite Burst
Пиратки / Xbox 360

Год: 2014
Перевод: Нет




Дата выхода: 28 мая 2014 года
Раработчик: 5bp
Издательство: STG Game
Прошивка: [LT1.9][LT2][LT3][LTU][LTU2]
Регион: Region Free
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык: Japaness(Default)

The game is a revamped version of the company’s 2011 Bullet Soul shoot ‘em up game. The game will include all of the previous version’s downloadable contents, as well as a score attack mode called “Caravan Mode.” Caravan Mode is a score attack mode with a two minute time limit and non stop enemies. Players have unlimited lives in Caravan Mode, but cannot use bombs. Burst Mode adds a burst gauge that charges when you shoot down enemies. When it’s full you can activate Burst which speeds up your ship, boosts firepower, and changes regular coins into Bancho Coins.
Название Bullet Soul Infinite Burst
Категория Пиратки / Xbox 360
Дата 28 May 2014
Вес без упаковки 20г
Жанр Экшен
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