Counter-Strike DC Final v.1.0

Counter-Strike DC Final v.1.0

скриншот Counter-Strike DC Final v.1.0
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Год: 2009 , Перевод: нет
FPS, Dreamcast


Год выпуска: 2009
Жанр: FPS
Разработчик: CSDC Dev Team
Издательство: CSDC Dev Team
Регион: PAL
Носитель: .CDI
Язык: ENG

Порт с ПК игры Counter-Strike для приставки Дримкаст.

This project has finally reached its final v.1.0 release.
You will find hours of Counter-Strike gameplay, now on Sega Dreamast.
This final release is now very stable, and is fully playable with a standard controller.

And for the record, this project was intended from the begining to be
a great single-player experience. So to answer with certainty,
online/multiplayer will never be possible on Dreamcast.

Standard half-life dc codes work from the menu, for example:
"Otis Loves Dreamcast" --> God mode
"Dreamcast Gives Firepower" --> Infinate ammo

Also, huge credit goes to original authors of the content that has
been borrowed with or without permission for this release.

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